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Re.:airfreight from China


From: "Cindy fu" <>
Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2017 05:00:39 +0800

   This is Cindy Fu from Shenzhen DFH GLOBAL LOGISTICS Co,Ltd.
   We specialize in the area of airfreight for 7 years,we do air to airport and air to door(from Shenzhen,Guangzhou,Shanghai,Beijing&Hongkong airport).Now please see our below prices to some hot airports.
   SZX to HKT              USD0.98/KG (500KG+)
   SZX to SIN               USD1.37/KG (500KG+)
   SZX to MEL              USD1.96/KG(500KG+)
   SZX to SYD              USD2.29/KG(500KG+)
   SZX to AMS              USD2.53/KG (500KG+)
   SZX to CPH              USD2.69/KG (500KG+)
   SZX to LAX              USD2.76/KG (500KG+)
   SZX to ORD             USD3.23/KG (500KG+) 
   SZX to ATL               USD3.69/KG (500KG+) 
   On the other hand,we could collect different orders from different suppliers that you do business with and shipping everything in one combined shipment for you convenience and business optimization.
   Our service is flexible,we could provide the best option according to your real conditions.So when forwarding from China please choose...Shenzhen DFH GLOBAL LOGISTICS Co,Ltd.
   Please feel free to contact me for details or if you have any question. We look forward to contributing to your success,thanks.
   Best regards
   Cindy Fu
   Tel: 86 755 66802954
   Cel./WhatsApp/Wechat:86 137 5114 9375