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Ick and giving pipeline steps access to the CI repo


From: Lars Wirzenius <>
Date: Sat, 30 Jul 2016 17:53:04 +0300

   From our discussion on IRC, so I don't forget:
   < Kinnison> liw: Pending any opportunity for ick to DTRT, I might end
   up setting up a Magnum CI job for Gitano at some point
   < Kinnison> liw: But that means I have to replicate ick's changelog
   mangling :-)
   < Kinnison> otoh it wouldn't make my poor x201 sound like it's trying
   to take off every time I commit code
   < liw> Kinnison, is this a problem you've told me about already?
   < Kinnison> liw: Almost certainly
   < Kinnison> liw: namely "Pls. make it automagically deal with passing
   debs from one stage to the next for dep resolution"
   < Kinnison> liw: because failing that I'mma just have to set up my own
   aptly or reprepro or dak or something
   < liw> Kinnison, in re ick and passing debs to next stage: that should
   be doable by configuring pbuilder to use the "CI repo" that ick
   maintains, which should be easy enough; I should try that and if it
   works, document it (and, possibly, make ick create/maintain the
   pbuilder tarballs itself, perhaps)
   < Kinnison> I did end up making pbuilder use the repo, which was
   moderately painful given I ended up running up a local webserver for
   the duration of the ick run
   < Kinnison> something which cleans all that up and automates it would
   be nice
   < Kinnison> esp. since my current approach isn't scalable beyond "runs
   pbuilder locally"
   < liw> hm, right, web server
   < liw> file:/// URLs do not work with pbuilder
   < liw> I shall have to think about this
   < Kinnison> well they would if you also mounted the dir into the pbuilder