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Please Reply!!


From: "Estelle S. Martins" <>
Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2017 08:51:47 +0900 (JST)

   Please Reply!!
   Dear Respected Friend,
   With Due
    Respect and Humanity, I was compelled to write to you under a 
   humanitarian ground, however, this is not mandatory nor will I in any  
   manner compel you to honour against your will.
   Please I am 
   contacting you to let you know my desire to establish a charity  
   foundation in your country with this sum of US$6.5 Million (Six Million 
    Five Hundred Thousand United States dollars) which I inherited from my 
    late husband (Mr.Johnson Martins) It is my desire to see that this 
   money is invested to any organization of your choice in your country 
   and  distributed each year among the charity organizations, motherless 
   baby's home, mosques, churches, Schools,supporting destitute aged men 
   women or whatever you may have in mind that will be to the 
   benefit of  the less fortunate. I took this decision because I was 
   raised from a  motherless baby's home and Presently, I'm hospitalized 
   here in (Ivory Coast) where I am undergoing treatment for my upcoming 
   lungs Cancer surgery operation.
   Please reply as soon as possible, confirming your acceptance to this proposition so that I will give you all the
    information that will authorize the release and transfer of the fund to
    you as my duly assigned representative. Thank you in advance for your 
   Consideration and I look forward hearing from you shortly.
   Reply back to me immediately for more Details of the fund on my private email.
   Mrs. Estelle S. Martins