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Re:Is there a Middle Man Standing Between You and power banks?


From: "Vivian" <>
Date: Tue, 8 Aug 2017 11:50:05 +0800

   Hi Purchasing Manager,
   Get rid of the useless middle man? Especially in this fast changing information age. 
   We finally cut them all 2 years ago. With less complicated communication, our clients are doing great now. Five years ago, almost all the power banks we made were exported through those so-called Import & Export Companies. Today, we sell directly to the importers like you 100%. 
   First, you can save about 10% to 50% of the cut those middle men taken in the past... 
   Second, the service you are getting will be more better. We will always online more than 12 hours, especially after your 4.00PM. 
   Third, the products you'll see the same good quality. Strict QC system has been implemented in factory.
   Last but not the least, we have large kinds of power bank models which can satisfied most of your customer’s need. 
   Looking forward to have an opportunity to cooperate with you.
   Thanks for your time.
   Keep in touch.
   Best regards,
   Vivian Liu
   ShenZhen JiaChang Trading CO.,Ltd 
   Address: Electronic science and technology building, ShenNan road, FuTian District, ShenZhen city, GuangDong province, China