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Mrs. Flora Andrew


From: Flora Andrew <>
Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2017 23:13:24 +0900 (JST)

   My name is Mrs. Flora Andrew. I am 57 years old woman, I my deceased husband Mr. Johnnmak Andrew married.
   I and my deceased Husband, where both Serbian citizens in Europe and we lived here in West Africa (Ivory Coast) for the past 17 years ago. My deceased husband worked with an oil drilling company from an overseas resident for many years before he died. I and my deceased husband were both married without a single biological child of our own. 
   I currently have a serious breast cancer illness and I am writing this message with the help of a doctor here in the hospital. When my late husband was still alive, he deposited the sum of two million five hundred thousand euros (2,500,000.00 euros) in the
    bank here in Africa and he signed the fund an agreement with the bank that the fund will be used for
    beneficial purposes for example; Helping the motherless babies to support charity activities and for those who does not less privilege children to keep their education. I contacted you today because my private surgeon is just getting close, my breast cancer disease is getting worst, 
   the bank here in Africa Will misappropriate the funds because I have no other relatives to demand the money. I would like you to help me transfer the money to your bank account in your country and after transferring it to your bank account; You will receive the compensation for your own 25% (375,000.00 euros) of the total funds and the remaining 75% (1125, € 000.00) to do the charity work in your country. I will wait to read from you to give you more details 
   best regards, 
   Mrs. Flora Andrew